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  • Growing congregations use multiple methods to integrate new worshipers.

  • Almost all worship services in growing Presbyterian churches (89%) include traditional hymns.

  • Many new people (47%) visit for the first time because someone invited them; only 6% came for the first time due to advertising.

  • One-third of worshipers are new in the last five years; in fast-growing churches one-half are new.

  • Most new people attending their congregation for five years or less have changed congregations within the same denomination (transfers: 57%). Only 7% are first-timers who are new to the faith. A few (18%) are returnees who used to attend worship but recently have not been involved, and 18% are switchers who changed denominations.

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She came to the village church, And sat by a pillar alone; An angel watching an urn Wept over her, carved in stone.   -Tennyson

In my dreams is a country where the State is the Church and the Church the people: three in one and one in three. It is a commonwealth in which work is play and play is life: three in one and one in three. It is a temple in which the priest is the worshipper and the worshipper the worshipped: three in one and one in three. It is a godhead in which all life is human and all humanity divine: three in one and one in three. It is, in short, the dream of a madman.   -Shaw, George Bernard

What is a church? Our honest sexton tells, Tis a tall building, with a tower and bells.  -Crabbe, George

How often have I paused on every charm, The sheltered cot, the cultivated farm, The never-failing brook, the busy mill, The decent church that topped the neighbouring hill.  -Goldsmith, Oliver

Ubi Petrus, ibi ergo ecclesia. Where Peter is, there, accordingly, is the Church.  -St Ambrose

Respectability is a very good thing in its way, but it does not rise superior to all considerations. I would not for a moment venture to hint that it was a matter of taste; but I think I will go as far as this: that if a position is admittedly unkind, uncomfortable, unnecessary, and superfluously useless, although it were as respectableasthe Church of England, the sooner a man is out of it, the better for himself, and all concerned.   -Stevenson, Robert Louis

Will she pass in a crowd? Will she make a figure in a country church?   -Swift, Jonathan

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York Street Baptist Church
61 York St
York, ME 03909
Denomination: Baptist
Local Time Zone: EST
County: York
United Methodist Church
1026 US Route 1
York, ME 03909
Denomination: Methodist
Local Time Zone: EST
County: York
First Parish Congregational
180 York St
York, ME 03909
Denomination: Presbyterian/Reformed
Local Time Zone: EST
County: York
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