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  • Less than half of fast-growing Presbyterian churches were established after 1960. Most are older.

  • There were 1.31 billion Catholics in 2006, the latest census data, a 1.4% increase from 2005

  • Many new people (47%) visit for the first time because someone invited them; only 6% came for the first time due to advertising.

  • Most new people attending their congregation for five years or less have changed congregations within the same denomination (transfers: 57%). Only 7% are first-timers who are new to the faith. A few (18%) are returnees who used to attend worship but recently have not been involved, and 18% are switchers who changed denominations.

  • Growing congregations are more likely to have a specific group for newcomers and to invite such people to take part in small groups or service opportunities.

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The Church's one foundation Is Jesus Christ, her Lord; She is his new creation By water and the word; From heaven he came and sought her To be his holy bride, With his own blood he bought her. And for her life he died.   -Stone, Samuel John

And I believe in one Catholick and Apostolick Church.  -Book of Common Prayer

You're a Christian? Church of England, said Mr Polly. 'Mm,'said the employer, a little checked. For good all round business work, I should have preferred a Baptist.   -Wells, Herbert George

I always love to begin a journey on Sundays, because I shall have the prayers of the church, to preserve all that travel by land, or by water. 832   -Swift, Jonathan

Art is History's nostalgia, it prefers a thatched roof to a concrete factory, and the huge church above a bleached village.   -Walcott, Derek Alton

As some to church repair, Not for the doctrine, but the music there.   -Pope, Alexander

Let us pray for the whole state of Christ's Church militant here in earth.  -Book of Common Prayer

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St Teresa's Catholic Church
440 S Main St
Brewer, ME 04412
Denomination: Catholic
Local Time Zone: EST
County: Penobscot
First United Methodist Church
40 S Main St
Brewer, ME 04412
Denomination: Methodist
Local Time Zone: EST
County: Penobscot
Calvary Baptist Church
61 State St
Brewer, ME 04412
Denomination: Baptist
Local Time Zone: EST
County: Penobscot
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